About Me

Contemporary Fantasy Author

When I was little I would tell everyone I wanted to grow up to be a novelist. I'm just trying to not disappoint that child I once was.

T.M. Ledvina is an avid reader and writer, and loves all things fantasy and romance. They live in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, Ryan, and retired racing greyhound, Addy. When she isn’t writing, you can find them watching anime, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or playing video games. Of Blood, Bones, and Truth is their first full-length completed novel.

(Pronouns: she/they)

My Work

The Brimstone & Fire Series

  • Of Blood, Bones, and Truth (Book 1) - April 4, 2023

  • TPF (Book 2) - Release date TBA

  • Untitled (Book 3)

  • Untitled (Book 4)

Cherry Blossom Snow (short)

Untitled (novel)